Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Spending time out on the lakes of Minnesota can be exciting. Whether you’re in a fishing boat, a pontoon, or even a jet ski, there are ways to have financial protection in place. At T. French Insurance Agency, we can help you to explore boat/watercraft insurance.

Is boat insurance a requirement?

There are quite a few boating regulations that you need to be aware of in Minnesota. This includes understanding when lifejackets are required, how to register your boat, and even learning about the boat and water safety education courses that are offered by the state.

Although boat insurance is not a state requirement, registering your boat is. The only entity that may require you to have boat insurance is a lienholder based on whether you are financing your boat. Some level of insurance may be required until your boat has been paid in full.

Even though boat insurance is not a state requirement, our agents can explain the benefits of having a policy so that you have financial protection over your investment.

What can boat insurance protect against?

Regardless of whether you have a boat or any other type of watercraft, it is subject to being involved in an accident on the water or off. You never know what could happen, which is why it’s a good idea to have insurance. It can protect you against such scenarios as:

  • Driving into a dock
  • Crashing into another boat
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Damage during dry dock
  • Injuries to those on board the boat

It’s a lot easier to file a claim with the insurance company than to have to pay thousands or even tens of thousands out-of-pocket because of an accident. With the right policy, it can be affordable while providing you with all the coverage you could ask for.

Learn more about getting boat/watercraft insurance in Minnesota today by calling to speak to one of our agents at T. French Insurance Agency.